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Because of LEAP »

I love LEAP! LEAP keeps us safe and provides us with counselors that are older so that we could have somone to look up to. "

—Briajah, age 10

Support Us

 LEAP is able to touch children's lives by giving them opportunities; such as a real camping experience at a farm or park, team-building activities at a ropes course challenge, dance, music, and literacy-enrichment programming that allows them the chance to explore their world more deeply through books and discussion.  LEAP is a place where dreams, hopes, and possibilities are realized by, and through, opportunities!  That, in essence, is the "magic" of LEAP.

All of this is possible because of the support of our friends, and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has donated to LEAP.  During these tough economic times LEAP needs your help more than ever.  Please continue to allow the children of New Haven the chance to realize their dreams and reach their ultimate potential by making a tax-deductible donation to LEAP. 

Please send  your donation to LEAP's Development Department, or you can now donate online by clicking on the "Donate Now" tab.  Your gift will change the future for children, youth, and families in New Haven.