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LEAP turned me into an intelligent and athletic young woman. LEAP can transform you from a C+ student to an A+ student. It is fun and educational and the counselors are great. They keep us safe and when you are down, they always find a way to make you smile. "

—Dianna, age 9


Hear from our own LEAPers how we're making a difference in their lives.

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“Because of LEAP, I am learning more things and I am learning how to read. Every day when I go home I tell my mom that I have fun.”

Jaylin, age 7

“Because of LEAP, I am a stronger person. LEAP taught me not to get attitudes and fights in school and at LEAP. Most of all LEAP taught me how to work together with other people. ”

Brandi, age 12

“LEAP is like family to our kids… My kids have done, seen things and gone places that I would not have been able to provide… I used to say I’m a single parent, but I’m not a single parent. LEAP shares parenting with me. ”

LEAP Parent

“Because of LEAP, I am a good person and I respect myself as a real student. ”

Desiree, Leader-in-Training

“Because of LEAP, I am more disciplined because I must fulfill the responsibilities of being a LEAP counselor and a student. The kids in my group remind me what is silly and fun about life, which is helpful in contrast to the seriousness of student life and academics. Because of LEAP, I am aware of what is important and valuable to me and how to achieve these things. ”

Jacques, Senior Counselor

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