COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

We are thrilled to share that we surpassed our goal of raising $100,000 by April 30th. Thank you to everyone who contributed to LEAP's Emergency Fund Campaign. More than 90 of you donated to help New Haven's youth!


We are so grateful for the support you gave. It has enabled us to aid the New Haven community in significant ways.

Because of your help, LEAP has been taking action this month and helping the New Haven Community get through COVID-19 in the following ways:


  • Counselors had over 700 virtual one-on-one and group sessions with LEAP children, helping with academic and social-emotional needs.


  • We distributed another 12 computers. This brings the total to 30 families whose children are now able to participate in school because they have computers.


  • We distributed $200 gift cards to another 15 families who are struggling to afford groceries. A total of 39 families have received these food assistance grants.


  • LEAP is continuing to employ over 100 youth, who in some cases are the only source of income for their families.


  • LEAP is continuing to add helpful resources to our website on a daily basis. This includes educational activities, how to access additional food assistance, and where to go for mental health support.


Thank you for making all of this possible!

Please share this information with your networks and encourage them to learn about what LEAP is doing and to give to LEAP (online here). Together we can support our community when they need it most! This is also a great time to try a Facebook fundraiser! See how to do that here.


31 Jefferson Street

New Haven CT 06511

(203) 773-0770

Because of COVID-19, do not call us. 

Use the Contact Page on this website.