LEAP's Prom Drive

In our work with teenagers at LEAP over more than two decades, we have found that they really look forward to prom.  But it is an expensive evening when you consider the costs of getting a dress or suit, a haircut and prom tickets.  Frankly, not all of New Haven’s children can afford it all, especially when they are also saving money for college.  LEAP's Prom Drive collects lightly used prom garments (dresses, tuxedos, suits, shoes, and accessories) and makes these available for free to young people in New Haven Public High Schools.

Donate An Old Prom Outfit (or a Bridesmaid's Dress or Business Suit)

If you want to make a donation, please drop off clothing before April 16th to LEAP at our community center at 31 Jefferson Street in New Haven.  (If you don't know where that is, click here.)  While we really appreciate drop offs, if you for some reason need a pick up give us a call or send an email.  Contact Yakeita Robinson at 203-773-0770 or yrobinson@leapforkids.org.

Donate A Service from your Business

Do you have a business that provides prom related services and want to donate your services or products?  You could have a barbershop, beauty salon, nail salon, flower shop, dry cleaners, dress shop or tailor shop (or anything else that makes sense). Give Yakeita Robinson or Shyrelle Spears a call at 203-773-0770 or email at yrobinson@leapforkids.org or sspears@leapforkids.org and let us know what you would like to donate.

Make a Small Cash (or check or credit card) Donation

Donations of $25, $50, $100 or any amount will allow us to help pay for the cost of alterations which are needed for most donated dresses.  You can drop off or mail a donation to LEAP with a note that it should be used for the Prom Drive.  If you want to use your credit card, then click Donate at the top of this page and send Yakeita Robinson an email at yrobinson@leapforkids.org to let her know your donation is for the prom drive.

Come to LEAP to Pick Out a Prom Outfit

If you are a New Haven high school student and would like to come by pick out a prom outfit and try it on, please contact either Shyrelle Spears or Yakeita Robinson at LEAP to schedule an appointment.  They can be reached at 203-773-0770 or via email at sspears@leapforkids.org or yrobinson@leapforkids.org.  If you know of a student who needs some assistance, let them know to be in touch.


(You do not need to be a participant in LEAP to particpate in the LEAP Prom Drive.)


31 Jefferson Street

New Haven CT 06511

(203) 773-0770