Make A Recurring Online Donation To LEAP

If you would like to make a continuing donation to LEAP of the same amount every month (or day or year), it is easy to do so.  Just complete the three questions below and click Donate.  You will be sent to the PayPal Recurring donations page.  If you do not have a Paypal account, look for "No PayPal account? Pay using your credit or debit card" and click "credit or debit card." Paypal requires that you create a Paypal account for recurring donations (but it is easy to do so).  If you do not want to join PayPal to make your recurring donation, just give us a call at (203) 773-0770, and we will make other arrangements.  If you would prefer to make a regular (non-recurring donation) just click here to return to the regular donation page.


31 Jefferson Street

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(203) 773-0770