Our LEAPers Show Spirit

May 10, 2016


Here at LEAP, Site Coordinators Darrick Potter and Fransette Morant know exactly how difficult it can be to ignite site morale.  So  they decided to hold Spirit Week to get both kids and counselors re-energized and refocused.


While LEAP kids spend a lot of time in the after school program doing homework, reading, and engaging in other academic activities, we believe it is equally vital to provide opportunities for kids to do enrichment activities that get them moving, using different parts of their brains, and having fun together after a long day at school.


Each day of Spirit Week had a different theme that involved dressing up in some unusual way and then participating in a hands-on activity. During the week, kids and counselors wore their favorite sports apparel during March Madness, dressed as twins, and posed as celebrities. Other activities included kids making their own tie-dyed t-shirts, playing a highly competitive group kickball game, decorating St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes, and creating their own kites. Although Spirit Week has ended,   the energy to continuously find new ways to infuse our program with creativity, laughs, and unity extends throughout LEAP.