LEAP Celebrates 28 Years

Founded in 1992, LEAP has served over 10,000 children with thousands of college and high school student counselors. Check out this video for a quick recap!

Our Vision

The neighborhoods served by LEAP have child poverty rates ranging from 35% to 58%; levels 3 times higher than the Connecticut average of 15%. In the New Haven School District, only 31% to 34% of Black and Latinx students passed the English Language Arts standardized test, compared to 66% of White students (DataHaven 2019). Leadership, Education and Athletics in Partnership, Inc. (LEAP) was created in direct response to these challenges.


LEAP was founded in 1992 by leading educators, students and community activists in New Haven to provide highly vulnerable youth of color with educational and enrichment opportunities that are often inaccessible due to financial and social barriers. From the beginning, LEAP has used a multi-tiered mentoring model that focuses on young people of color as the solution, rather than the problem.


LEAP's mission is to develop the strengths and talents of young leaders who create and implement year-round, community and school-based programs designed to achieve positive outcomes for children living in high-poverty urban neighborhoods.


31 Jefferson Street

New Haven CT 06511

(203) 773-0770

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