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Spring 2021 Program

LEAP is actively monitoring and adapting to the state orders on COVID-19 safety. Staff is currently evaluating options for what will be offered in the fall in conjunction with the school districts and city. Please check out our website soon for information on open positions for the Spring 2021 Program.

Become a Junior Counselor

LEAP Junior Counselors must be New Haven high school students 16 years old or older. In addition to working with children, you are required to participate in your own development including college prep, SAT classes, and tutoring when needed. The application for this position is at the bottom of this page. 

About the Position

Our Junior Counselors (JCs) are high school students who are paid members of the LEAP staff, and each works under the supervision of a Senior Counselor who guides and mentors them. LEAP employs approximately 100 JCs each year, full-time during the summer and part-time during the school year. Our JCs also receive resources such as professional development, financial literacy workshops, and academic coaching. Our goal is to prepare our young adults for successful futures, and part of this is ensuring that they can pursue higher education.


Our college access programming includes PSAT/SAT prep classes, writing workshops focused on college essays, career fairs, college advising, a week-long out-of-state college tour, and financial aid training for parents. On our free college tour, JCs visit colleges along the East Coast, touring at least ten different colleges each year. LEAP also awards $13,000 worth of scholarships to our JCs entering college, rewarding them for their dedication and service to our LEAP community. 

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LEAP is an academic and social enrichment program providing mentoring for children, teens and young adults, ages 7 to 24. 

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If we are not available by phone, please reach us using our "Contact" page.


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