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Senior Counselors

LEAP Senior Counselors (SCs), partnered with their Junior Counselors, lead groups of children and teenagers as teachers, mentors, and positive role models to help our youth develop both academically and socially. SCs are college students who are paid members of the LEAP staff, and each works under the supervision of a Site Coordinator who guides and mentors them. LEAP employs approximately 100 SCs each year, full-time during the summer and part-time during the school year.

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About the Position

LEAP Senior Counselors must be college or graduate students in good academic standing at a 2- or 4-year college or university. We also accept applicants who are currently attending a trade school or who are in military training and have an open schedule to work during our program hours.

LEAP counselors are at the center of the LEAP experience for our young people and they must demonstrate the highest level of commitment. They receive extensive training to prepare them for the tremendous responsibilities of teaching, inspiring, and caring for children as well as mentoring the Junior Counselors with whom they partner. Their preparation includes training in literacy education, CPR, conflict resolution, classroom management, trauma-informed education, and even how to take their kids camping. SCs also have the opportunity to take workshops to help them develop for any future career on topics such as resume writing, public speaking, and financial literacy. Through our unique model, SCs receive genuine leadership opportunities with support from their supervisors.


During the summer program, LEAP provides SCs with free housing in the neighborhood in which they work. We do this so that counselors are accessible to children, can learn about the neighborhoods’ strengths and weaknesses, and children can have their college student role models as neighbors.

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