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College Application Process

Building a College List Presentation

These slides are from a presentation focused on how to develop a list of colleges and universities that reflect your interests and goals.

Building a College List Resources Handout 

This handout follows up on many of the topics covered in the "Building a College List" presentation.

College Planning Worksheet 

This spreadsheet that accompanies the "Building a College List" materials will help you organize all your research on colleges and universities before you start the application process.

Community College and Technical School Presentation

This presentation covers the basic information that high school students should know about community colleges and technical schools as they consider these post-secondary options.

Common App and Coalition App Walkthrough Presentation

The Common Application and the Coalition for College are two major college application websites that students use to get into several colleges around the country. This presentation walks you through these application sites and provides some tips on how to successfully complete them.

LEAP Additional Information Section for the Common App

The Common Application has an "Additional Information" section where applicants can provide more details on anything not mentioned in other parts of their application. If you have worked at LEAP, this basic description of LEAP will be helpful if you want to explain to your application readers what LEAP is and the work that you do as an organization. Feel free to copy-and-paste this and add additional information about your LEAP experience when using it in your Common App.

College Essay Writing Handouts

We know that LEAPers have great stories and experiences to showcase in their college applications. That is why this handout was created to help guide you through how to write a strong and effective college essay.

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