LEAP Year Event 2020

-The 25th Anniversary-

LEAP Year Event is our annual fundraiser held this year on February 27th. It starts with a cocktail reception honoring Anne Calabresi and Judy Clark, which is followed by personalized dinners at 29 elegant homes and restaurants in and around our city (with four additional dinners on February 29th). A different notable Guest of Honor joins each dinner party, providing a special theme for each gathering. Guests of Honor are academics, authors, artists, activists, performers, elected officials, media personalities, journalists and a range of other talented individuals who lead a conversation on a topic of their expertise.

Date: February 27th (Four dinners on February 29th at 7:00 pm)  

Time:  Reception 5:00 to 7:00 pm; Dinners begin at 7:30 pm

Location: The reception is at Heath Commons at Hopkins School (986 Forest Road, New Haven)

Ticket Prices: $150 for Dinner & Reception $50 for Reception Only

LEAP Year Event 2020 Honorees:

Anne Calabresi

Judy Clark

Anne Calabresi is a powerful community builder who, throughout her life, has sought practical strategies to strengthen the city she loves. One of LEAP's original founders, Anne remains an engaged board member and advocate on behalf of the children LEAP serves. She has enriched the lives of generations of LEAPers who remember their first camping trips to her farm in Bethany, and who have carried their experiences at LEAP into careers of service in New Haven and across the nation. A cadre of teachers and school principals credit their childhood or teenage experiences at LEAP with informing their life’s work. Anne also helped found the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, which brings the greater New Haven community together as it enlivens every summer with creativity from all over the world, and Sunrise Café, which serves free breakfast restaurant-style to the hungry. Her many contributions have left an indelible mark on the city of New Haven, and provided a role model for her fellow citizens. LEAP is proud to honor her at the 25th anniversary LEAP Year Event.

An economist and educator, Judy Clark is passionate about the power of community and the impact generated when we work together in support of shared priorities. Her commitment to ensuring every child’s opportunity to reach his or her full potential led her to LEAP, where she has played every possible role. Initially a Board member, she served as Director of Development from 2004 – 2007 and has been an active volunteer with the children’s program – teaching knitting ad sewing – and working tirelessly to plan the annual LEAP Year Event fundraiser. Using her deep knowledge and experience in finance for the public good, she serves now as an Ambassador, reaching out across the New Haven community to strengthen the network supporting LEAP’s mission. LEAP is incredibly fortunate to have the benefit of Judy’s passion, energy and wisdom and is grateful to honor her at the 25th Anniversary LEAP Year Event.

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