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Financial Aid, Scholarships, & Loans

Paying for College Presentation

This presentation covers the different ways that you will be able to cover the cost of college so that you can plan ahead. We suggest looking over this presentation with your family so you all have an understanding of how to prepare for the expenses of a college education!

Financial Aid Resources Handout

This handout accompanies the "Paying for College" presentation and provides a list of helpful resources in understanding and preparing for the college financial aid process.

Scholarship Tracking Worksheet

This spreadsheet is part of the "Paying for College" materials that should help you keep track of any scholarships that you apply to when trying to fund your college education.

College Loan Tracker

 If you will need loans to attend college, this tracker will help you stay aware of loan requirements and deadlines so you can eventually pay them off as quickly and correctly as possible.

College Loan Tracker Walkthrough Video

No sure where to start with the Student Loan Tracker? LEAP's former Counselor Development Intern Durel Crosby explains how to use it in this brief video!

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