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LEAP Playing Field Construction Scope of Work



Project Name: Playing Field Sinkholes Repair 

Project Location: 31 Jefferson Street, New Haven CT, 06511

Project Owner: Leadership Education and Athletics in Partnership Inc



LEAP is looking to fix two sinkholes located in the back field of the LEAP Community Center by June 2024.




  1. Excavation Process: Utilize an excavator to dig down into the sinkholes, ensuring safety protocols are followed throughout the operation.

  2. Cavity Identification and Remediation: Inspect the sinkholes for any cavities or voids. Any identified voids shall be filled with either flowable fill or clean stones, depending on the size and nature of the space, to provide stable support and prevent further subsidence.

  3. Backfilling: Following cavity remediation, backfill the excavated areas with suitable material, such as compactable soil or gravel, to restore the ground to its original level and ensure structural integrity.

  4. Compaction Protocol: Employ compaction machinery to compact the backfilled material layer by layer, with compaction occurring approximately every 6 inches throughout the filled area. This process ensures optimal soil density, enhancing stability and longevity of the repaired surface.

  5. Grading and Seeding: Once compaction is completed, carefully grade the repaired areas to achieve proper surface contouring and drainage. Following grading, seed the area with appropriate grass seeds to promote vegetation growth and restore the playing field's aesthetic.

  6. Quality Assurance and Site Cleanup: Throughout the project, conduct regular quality checks to verify adherence to specifications and standards. Upon completion, remove any excess material, debris, or equipment from the site, leaving the area clean, safe, and ready for use.

  7. Documentation and Reporting: Maintain comprehensive documentation of all work performed, including excavation depths, materials used, compaction specifications, and any other relevant details. Provide a final report summarizing the repair process and confirming compliance with project requirements.

  8. Post-Repair Monitoring and Maintenance: Monitor the repaired sinkhole areas annually following completion to ensure long-term stability and address any potential issues promptly. Implement a maintenance plan as necessary to preserve the integrity and functionality of the playing field over time. Monitoring will happen for a 24-month period.



Please submit a detailed proposal at by April 27th. If you need more information, you can call our office, Monday through Friday, 10 am – 5 pm at 203-773-0770 and ask to speak to the Deputy Chief of Staff, Tina Sapiente.


Leadership Education and Athletics in Partnership Inc is an Affirmative Action /Equal Opportunity Employer.


This is not a city general funds project.



Prevailing wage rates apply.

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