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Racial Justice & Social Change

Art Is . . . (Woman and Girl with Stripes, Art Is. . . (Girlfriends Times Two), Art Is . . . (Women in Crowd Framed) (1983) by Lorraine O’Grady,

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Poetry Foundation (2018) by Loveis Wise, Untitled (2020) by Tomi Um, Finding Peace in Chaotic Times (2020) by Dani Pendergast

Below are educational materials, tips, and healing resources meant to support all people but especially Black youth and their non-Black peers who are trying to learn how to navigate the culture of racial injustice and police brutality in our nation. Many of these resources are gathered from local and national leaders on topics of racism, police brutality, social change and activism. LEAP hopes these resources offer the space to learn, reflect, prepare, take action and heal.


If you are a non-Black person, we especially encourage you to utilize these educational materials as everyone needs to recognize the value and vibrancy of Black lives as well as the ways the United States has fought against that livelihood. This list of resources is long and links to even longer lists, so our suggestion is pick one item in one medium (books, movies, podcasts, reading lesson plans, etc.) at a time that you can give complete attention to; each resource is important and you will be all the better for taking the time to learn from them. If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, then you are always welcome to learn more at the pace that works best for you.


LEAP would like to thank Abdul-Razak Zachariah for compiling these resources. 

Educational Materials on Anti-Racism, Social Movements and Black History in the United States

Connecticut and New Haven-based Social and Racial Justice Groups

Curriculum and Resources for Teaching Young Children and Teens about

Anti-Racism and Social Movements

Healing Spaces and Resources for the Black Community

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