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Independent Reading-Resources

7 Independent reading activities to increase literacy


Scholastic-teaching content

Reading Rockets- 103 things to do during or after reading

Epic- Log in

DEAR Time/Literacy Ideas


Ways to access books

  • Google

  • LEAP Website (virtual books)



  • Audiobooks

  • Youtube

  • National Geographic Website

  • Counselor record themselves reading books for kids

  • EPIC

  • New Haven Reads

  • you can tape yourself on screencastify so students can have bedtime stories or whenever they choose to hear stories 


Fun ways to ensure they are reading

  • Read the same book (Reciprocal teaching strategies)

  • Questioning (favorite part, characters)

  • Draw out their favorite part of the story and share

  • Popcorn Reading

  • Vocab Word Games

  • Vocab Activities based on text

  • Book Talk- Share their book (Persuade other kids to read the book)

  • Make a flipgrid about your book

  • Write about book - Make real world connections

  • Literature Circles 

  • Bookclubs

  • Write an alternative ending to the book

  • Comparing and contrasting books and movies

  • Counselors read too!!!

  • Breakout rooms


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