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Medical Needs

Getting Medical Assistance

If you are not able to reach your doctor (or your child's doctor) and a family member is showing symptoms, call the Yale New Haven Hospital COVID-19 Call Center: (203) 688-1700. 

If you do not have health insurance and need medical assistance, including if you are an undocumented immigrant, call Fair Haven Community Health Center which is not charging people without insurance during the crisis (this can also be helpful to immigrants concerned about the "Public Charge" rule). Their number is (203) 777-7411.

Both Fair Haven Community Health Center (203) 777-7411 and Cornell Scott - Hill Health Center (203) 503-3000 have tele-health (video with medical staff) and have many options to make their services affordable or even free. Do not avoid health care because of cost!

Do not rely on social media or friends for information, go to our Covid-19 Updates page for reliable sources.

Getting Tested

Several COVID-19 locations are now available in New Haven in multiple neighborhoods, these include sites run by Fair Haven Health Clinic, Cornell Scott Hill Health Center, CVS and Yale New Haven Hospital.  They all have slightly different approaches so visit the City of New Haven's testing map tool to find a location that works for you.

Mental Health Services

Clifford Beers provides mental health services for children and teens.  They are providing tele-health (phone and video conference) services for young people in need.  Contact them at (203) 772-1270.

For emergency/crisis mental health needs for people of all ages, call 211.

Need Support & Not Sure Who To Call?

Clifford Beers is also operating a Warm Line.  You can call it if you just need someone to talk to (in English or Spanish), if you need food and don't know who to turn to, are in need of child/infant supplies (notebooks, diapers, clothes, etc.), need connections to mental health resources, or have questions about volunteer aid, COVID-19 info, or other help.  Just call (203) 287-2460.

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