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At Home Educational Activities

The New Haven Public Schools are providing packets for kids to do school work from home.  But that may still leave a lot of time in the day when we kids can be doing fun learning activities.  Here are some options:

  • If your child is in LEAP and needs some help with their homework, do not hesitate to contact their counselors or site coordinator via phone or email.  Site coordinators can be emailed through the About/Staff section of this website.

  • Scholastic offers activities for children from pre-K through grades 6 and up.  

  • The American Federation of Teachers has a wealth of resources to help with learning at home from Pre-K through high school. They also have materials on social-emotional learning and an online discussion community for people to share ideas, lesson plans, and resources. This is a resource that is useful for educators and community youth workers. 

  • Attached you will find activities to do at home, courtesy of New Haven Park and Recreations Department. 


  • Sportsometry is helping 2nd-4th graders with math homework

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